Fairy Stream

Fairy Stream Mui Ne
Fairy Stream Mui Ne

Mui Ne does not only offer a great dune experience at the Red Sand Dunes and the White Sand Dunes, but also the magnificent Fairy Stream.

Fairy Stream Mui NeLike a miniature Grand Canyon, a small stream cuts through the sandy soil and carries white, as well as red, iron-rich clay downriver towards the ocean. The colors are a great sight and the formations are stunningly beautiful.


There is no entrance fee at the Fairy Stream. A couple of entrepreneurs however have set up a business at the actual entrance and offer to guard your flip-flops for 5.000đ if you don’t want to carry them with you. This fee also includes a bucket of river water to wash your feet afterwards…
Most Mui Ne tours, like our Sunset Tour by Jeep, include the Fairy Stream as a way point.

Fairy Stream Mui Ne

If you want to visit the Fairy Stream of Mui Ne on your own, just rent a bike or grab a bus. Around number 40 Huynh Thuc Khang street on the way from Phan Thiet towards Mui Ne along the main street and resort strip of the area, you see a bridge and a sign that says “Suoi Tien”, Fairy Stream. Just follow the path and it leads you to the stream. Depending on the season you can follow the stream, walking along the shallow water until you reach a tiny waterfall.

Fairy Stream Mui Ne

The best time to visit the Fairy Stream is definitely the end of rainy season. The rain gives the canyon a good wash and removes most signs of inconsiderate vandalism, like “inscriptions” in Russian and Vietnamese for example.

Fish Sauce in Mui Ne

Besides the usual stalls for souvenirs and touristy knick-knack along the way, you also find some sort of relax-station where you can get a coconut or something, as well as a place where you can ride an ostrich, which may be quite cool if you are lighter than me.

Fairy Stream Mui Ne

Bring along a hat, proper sunscreen and a bottle of water on your stroll through the ankle-deep water. The forest is receding at most places and if you happen to visit Vietnam during the dry season, the sun is hammering down without mercy. Nonetheless, the Fairy Stream is one of the most pleasant landscape pearls in Phan Thiet and a must-see on your itinerary.

Fairy Stream Mui Ne

There is this one red sand slide to the left, which is probably the easiest path up to the top of the cliffs. If you can stand the hot sand, just try it and have a look around. The landscape “behind the scenes” is remarkably boring and if you wouldn’t know that there is this picturesque canyon right at your feet, you wouldn’t think much of it.

Fairy Stream Mui Ne

Depending on the light and the time of the day, this famous landmark is one of the top photo destinations in the area, so take your time and bring home a couple nice shots. Please bear in mind that the first hundred or so meters of the Fairy Stream are frequently named “uninteresting” by many tourists, until they reach the actual canyon and stare at the clay and sandstone formations in amazement.


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Phan Thiet Fairy Stream is definitely more beautiful than its namesake, the Fairy Stream on Phu Quoc Island. Plus, it’s much, much easier to find. However, depending on the season and time of the day you may encounter a stream of travelers, checking out the same location, while on Phu Quoc you are mostly alone with the fairies.