Dream and Reality

Not only colour theory is directly dependent on the eye (or rather the brain) of the beholder, life itself is, too.
It is an intricate pattern of impressions, influenced by us, influencing us.
Thus we create our own reality from our dreams and vice versa.

I am Frank Fox – writer, tour guide and eternal student – and Avanova is my mazy dream. A dream intersecting my (and your) realities every now and then, creating an intertwined pattern of thought.
What you can find here, you find here.
What you are searching here, you may find elsewhere.
Or not… who can actually tell?

Cheerful Lady from the Mekong Delta

Dream and reality have been two entirely different things in the minds of people for a long time. The dreamer is always standing in strong opposition to the realist, but many times they are one and the same person.

Imagine a carpenter, making a beautiful chest for a good customer. The act of making is a quite mundane thing, forming wood after a fashion to make money for his family. The design of the chest however, follows the creativity of that carpenter, his dreams and his perception of beauty.

So, the finished product is pulled over into reality from the world of dreams.

Chili Snacks in Chongqing
Chili Snacks in Chongqing

The creative process is an interesting one and this website is a part of my own world of dreams, intersecting reality.
I mean I could continue into the deep waters of a strange philosophy, about colours being nothing but imagination, about the output of your screen right now being nothing but a flashy dream of our worldwide network of computers.
And I will, some day.

Not now though, just enjoy a hopefully inspiring collage of text, images and code that shall depict a certain fantasy, a way of life.

Harvest celebration 2016 at The Workshop in Saigon
Harvest celebration 2016 at The Workshop in Saigon

There are so many interesting fields of knowledge that it is next to impossible for me to focus on one particular path. So what you find here is a colourful selection of articles with mostly self-made pictures and a maze of more or less quirky content in English and German.

Enjoy a few selected articles:

  • In the necropolis of An Bang, the houses of the dead are more valuable than the dwellings of the living in most cases.
  • The issue of fake coffee in the streets (and coffee shops too) of Vietnam is a serious problem.
  • Here is our lovely shop for jewellery and accessories. Just sayin’ ­čśë
  • How to prepare grass jelly is an example for a failed translation attempt so commonly found in the world.
  • Dinh Cau is the most prominent landmark in all of Phu Quoc, Vietnam. It is an incredibly old temple in a new coat.
  • Since time immemorial, we witness the endless blue sea, and the vast blue sky. It drives us away to discover what lies beyond the horizon, behind the blue mountains. -> The Colour Blue

And one more photo:

Reliquie des Hl. Johannes von Nisibis
Reliquie des Hl. Johannes von Nisibis

This by the way is a reliquary of someone named “St. John of Nisibis“. The attempt to find out more about him led me to a wild odyssey through clerical history. Some day I will write the story down, but first I need to gather more background knowledge about the general topic of reliquary worship.