Certificate of Certification

Here we have the wonderful “Certificate of Certification”, given only to the most certifiable certificate-deserving companies in Vietnam.

Certificate of Certification
Certificate of Certification

When it comes to funny signs, living in Asia provides you with quite some material. Here the certificate of certification is one of the better examples.
I mean typos and spelling mistakes may cause a phrenic laugh, but in the end it’s just an off concept of a foreign language – everyone has that at times. But here… it’s different.

Note that I do not mock people’s grasp on the English language, even if experience shows that English as it is taught in Vietnam is exceptionally bad. What I find most interesting though is the inability to find someone to proofread an English text.

The mentality tends to be like “if you understand what I mean, there is no need to improve”.
While I have to admit that this is kinda legit, a certificate – especially if it is somehow officially related to Australia – is something we expect to feature impeccable English.

But well…

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