Phu Quoc Fairy Stream

While Suoi Tien (Fairy Stream) of Phu Quoc Island is not nearly as interesting as the Fairy Stream of Mui Ne, it’s still a nice place to see if you can find it.

An ancient Phu Quoc tale tells the story of a lone fisherman who got lost in the forest during dry season while he was searching for water. He almost died from dehydration, when fairies found him and guided him to a spring. He named it Suoi Tien and survived to tell the tale.

The beautiful and remote Fairy Stream, Suoi Tien in Vietnamese, is near Ham Ninh village but very hard to find. I try to give a vague description of the way at the end of the article, but only attempt to find it if you have time or can ask for the way in Vietnamese, otherwise you lose a day and blame us for it. Well, you won’t, because the adventure is the reason why you came to Vietnam in the first place, right?

Suoi Tien is the most natural of the three most popular streams on Phu Quoc Island. It seems that the locals who use this place as a recreation area have greater environmental awareness than others. Let’s not litter there and help the people to preserve the picturesque beauty of this stunning landmark.

Fairy Stream by the way is a popular name in Vietnam. There is a Fairy Stream in Hoi An and one in Phan Thiet. I believe the Phan Thiet (Mui Ne) one is the most beautiful. Nonetheless, Phu Quoc Suoi Tien boasts a stunning scenery. A bed of reddish-brown rocks holds a small creak that splashes and bubbles in it’s carefully hidden bed. At times the water rushes noisily under a slab, splits up into several forks and finally ends up in a calm, silent pond.

Interesting flora surrounds the stream and I was actually searching for the fairies. I saw some splashing in the creek upstream in their bikinis, but they were accompanied by potbellied ogres, so I rather kept my distance. The stream is best visited during rainy season when the abundance of water makes it lively and beautiful.

How to get there

Not that easy. First visit Ham Ninh fishing village on the east coast of Phu Quoc Island. From there you go north and ask your way around. Here is a video that shows a part of the way, but the important crossroads, as well as the stream itself are missing.

Once you reach the shack where you can park your motorbike, just follow the path through the jungle. Cross one of Southeast Asias notorious monkey bridges and follow the black hose through the forest until you reach Suoi Tien. This hose supplies water to the locals. As soon as you hear the gurgling water from the spring, just follow the noise.

However, several other online guides of Phu Quoc Island describe the route as follows:
Head from Duong Dong north (must be Nguyen Trung Truc street then) towards “Thom village” (that would be Bai Thom I guess) after 5 kilometers turn left towards “Duong To village”, follow another dirt road for 2 km and you reach the parking shack I was talking about.

The problem I have with that description is, that we definitely started from Ham Ninh and not Duong Dong, but if I exchange Duong Dong with Ham Ninh, it all starts to make sense.

So, from Ham Ninh north towards Thom Beach, after about 5km turn left on a red dirt road. From there 2 more kilometers along red and white, sandy paths. This is the point where you need to ask the locals, because I remember the roads like a network. I also dug out some more footage for you and marked the way with red arrows.

Hope that helps.