The Colour Pink

And this is the first step where we venture into the scheme of the vagueness of colour names.
Yet alone in English, we have at least 3 common names for pink: Pink, rose and magenta. In this article however, I will mix them together and we get some mushy description about a colour that might be pink, but also rose… A lot described here also goes for magenta. But let’s visualise these colours here for a start:




Saigon Square
Saigon Square | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox

This is basically how Html, or rather CSS shows the colours. While I would add that the shown deep pink is our actual colour, while the one labelled pink would be called rose. Of course, even among the comparatively few actual names in Html, there are many which describe a more or less pinkish hue. Salmon for example, or coral.



Pink Limousine for Attention and Brand Development
Pink Limousine for Attention and Brand Development | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox

Magenta however has got a slightly different status when we talk about colours, because it is one of the 4 primary colours used in print and therefore rather used in subtractive colour schemes. It is not easy to explain… Well, since magenta is a colour used in technical procedures, there is a widely accepted, exact definition for it. Contrary to magenta, pink and rose may vary. True magenta is not available in the additive scheme. The RGB “translation” of the real magenta colour is #ff00ff, while you use #ff0090 to represent the process colour magenta as it is used in print.

Magenta #ff00ff

Magenta #ff0090

Meaning and symbolism

Usually with rose we associate tender femininity, but also youth and young love. But there is also pink, which is more aggressive and represents independent femininity. The more cyan or blue we add, the colder and harder it becomes, and the more it turns into lilac, purple or violet.

Fake Sakura
Fake Sakura | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox

Rose, Pink, Magenta

The colour rose itself is a mix of red and white, or brightened red. While magenta is a primary colour in the CMYK colour system (Cyan, Magenta Yellow and Key, used for print mostly). If we add some yellow to magenta, we get a nice, lush pink hue. Mix that again with a drop of blue, it becomes harder, screaming.
Quite a nice effect, combined with a black background.

Girl in Pink Shirt
Girl in Pink Shirt | photo: (cc-by-nc) Khanh Hmoong

The colour rose is healthy (?)

Heard some time ago, that tender rose is healthy and supports the myocardial muscle, therefore protecting especially men from a bunch of lifestyle diseases. But since we don´t want to live in rose painted rooms, we better watch Pink Panther or raise some pigs.

Ginger Flowers in the Mekong Delta
Ginger Flowers in the Mekong Delta | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox

Overview: Rose

  • Rose was not always connected to that girly cliché
  • The colour rose is red, mixed with white
  • Pink is the more aggressive variant of rose
  • Rose is feminine, fresh and young
  • Pink is independent, loud and aggressive
  • Shrill pink with a black background appears even stronger
  • In print, pink is almost pure magenta, with some yellow added
  • In nature, rose and pink are common flower colours
  • Pink can appear arrogant and snobby
  • Pink is dominant, rose not
  • The name of the colour pink has it´s origin in the Netherlands, where a breed of pink flowers was called pinck oogen (small eyes)